Macaron biscuit

188galmond flour

93g self raising flour

200g sugar

312g egg whites

250g sugar

Crispy praline

180g milk chocolate

70g butter

340g praline paste

140g feuilletine

Chestnut mousse

60g egg yolks

116.5g sugar

155g milk

200g Japanese chestnut puree

8g gelatine leaf (silver strength, dry)

311g whipped cream


Macaron biscuit

Sift together the almond flour, the cake flour and the first amount of sugar.In a kitchen aid mixer, prepare the egg whites and the sugar to make a french meringue.When the egg whites are frothy on medium speed, slow add the sugar in a speedy stream and switch to high till the meringue is stiff.In three movements, fold the dry ingredients in and place in a half sheet pan and bake at 165C for about 15 min till the cake is golden brown.Let the cake cool. You can freeze this cake way in advance as well.

Crispy praline

Melt the milk chocolate, butter and praline paste together over a double boiler.Add the feuilletine and mix well.Spread immediately over the macaron biscuit evenly and place in the cooler.After the crispy praline has set up, trim the edges, then score it four inches in length by one in width.Use a hot knife and cut the cut my your measure dimensions. You can reserve this in the cooler till you construct yourMilleFeuille. (You can also freeze it).

Chestnut mousse

Make a creme anglaise by boiling half the sugar in the milk and tempering it with the other half of sugar and the egg yolks. After the mixture has thickened and coats the back of the spoon, whisk in the gelatin (softened in ice water and squeeze the excess water out).Strain the creme anglaise mixture and cool it down to room temperature.Soften thechestnutpuree with one third of the whipped cream. Fold the creme anglaise with the softenedchestnutpuree and then lastly the whipped cream.

Milk chocolate plaquets

Have acetate, a ruler and a pallet knife ready. Over a double boiler melt you chocolate to 47C and gradually bring the temper down to to 27C while constantly stirring. You can achieve this by “seeding, the process of adding some chocolate pistols” or by placing the melted milk chocolate on and off a bowl of ice water.When 27C is achieved, add some hot reserved milk chocolate to reach your milk chocolate tempered point of 30C. Spread a paper thin spread over the acetate. Make a few and cut four inches in length by one inch in width. You will need three milk chocolate leaves per order. Take one of the leaves and with a warm pastry tip, cut out random holes.

To serve

Whiskthe chestnut mousse untilcreamy and smooth and place it in a pastry bag.Start with the base layer of your macaron biscuit with feuilletine.Place one milk chocolate leaf on top and then pipe yourchestnutmousse to cover the entire leaf.Place another leaf and repeat piping. Finish with the milk chocolate leaf that have cut small circles out of.Things would serve well with a spiced ice cream or pear sorbet.