Makes 10 portions


Pistachio semifreddo

80g egg yolks

62 + 125g sugar

62g pistachio paste

120g egg white

250g whipped cream

Cherry sorbet

198g water

30g glucose

7g trimoline

101g sugar

333g fresh cherries jus

Marinated cherries

150g pitted cherries

150g sugar syrup 1:1

50g Kirsch

Coconut meringue

150g egg whites

50g of coconut flour

300g sugar

75g water



Whip up the egg yolks and the first part of sugar, insert the pistachio paste in it. Meanwhile make a Meringue with egg white and the remaining sugar, then fold in the previous base. Finish with whipped cream, spread in a rectangular mold and blast chill.

Cherry sorbet

Make a syrup with the water and the three kinds of sugar. When completely cold, add the fresh jus, mix and insert in a pacojet cup. Blast chill and blend by the order.Marinated cherry |Mix the cold syrup with the Kirsch, insert the cherries in it and let them marinate for 2 days before using.

Coconut Meringue

Make a syrup with water and sugar and pour onto the egg white in the batter machine. Let it work until the mixture is cold, then spread on the dehydrator trays, sprinkle with some coconut flour and dry overnight.

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