Serves 4


1 tomato

1 red basil leaf

12 sprigs of valerian

16 sprouts of garlic

12 tops of ficoidea glacialis

4 stalks sweet marjoram

4 tops of chive

4 lettuce leaves

3g sweet almonds

4 leaves mustard

4 sprigs thyme

4 leaves belgian endive

8 pine nuts

4 sprouts purple cherry blossom

4 leaves radicchio

8 sprouts daikon

4 rosemary needles

4 tsp calvisius caviar

8 leaves pak choi

4 sprouts of mustard

1 black truffle from norcia

4 belgian endive leaves

1 cobia crudo

Extra virgin olive oil from liguria and tuscany, to taste

Sesame oil, to taste

Provencal vinegar, to taste

Liquid salt in brine, to taste


Wash the herbs and salad. Remove tomato core and slice into 4 quarters. Cut the raw cobia into 1.5mm slices. Create a rectangle from the black truffle, measuring 20mm x 6mm x 3mm. On a long plate, place in sequence, as follows: the core of the tomato with a strip of red basil on a spoon; the valerian and the ficoidea glacialis with the garlic sprouts and the sweet marjoram; the top of the chive, the leaf of lettuce sprinkled with almonds, pak choi sprinkled with pine nuts, mustard, thyme, belgian endive topped with pine nuts, purple cherry blossom, the radicchio with the daikon sprouts, rosemary, 1 tsp calvisius caviar on a spoon; 1 pak choi leave with a cobia crudo on top, finish with a rectangle of black truffle at the end of the sequence. Sprinkle the brine and add 4 drops below the sequence, using the oils and vinegar. Serve at 17°c with chopsticks and an ice cold fork (optional).

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