Serves 4



2squab deboned

200g marinade



100g molasses

12g coriander, finely ground

20g sherry vinegar

4g fennel seed, finely ground

32g soy sauce

4g sumac, finely ground

2g sesame oil

6g cumin, toasted and finely ground

1g garlic, worked to a paste with the flat of a knife

2g dried Mexican oregano, finely ground

20g black pepper, lightly toasted and finely ground

1g black cardamom seeds, finely ground

6g star anise, lightly toasted and finely ground

Vinaigrette base

Set 1

165g spring onion, peeled and sliced thin

35g scallion whites, washed, dried, cut into ¼’ pieces

75g extra virgin olive oil

1g saffron

½g red thai chili

10g fresno chilies, seeded and stemmed

1g lime peel, pith completely removed

4g salt

Set 2

125g figi h2o

4g agar agar powder

Set 3

43g fresh lime juice

40g champagne vinegar

8g salt

½g guar

Brussel sprouts

4tbsp butter

2tbsp water

300g baby Brussels sprouts, peeled, cut into very thin slivers, blanched and shocked

3g Serrano chilies chopped

Pinch lemon thyme leaves

To serve

8tbsp saffron vinaigrette



On the order squab season with salt and coat on both sides with marinade. To pick up, cook on a hot charcoal grill skin side down until crunchy and blackened; turn squab over and cook to temp.


Combine the ingredients and mix well.

Vinaigrette base

Combine set 1 in a pot and cover. Cook until the spring onions are completely tender without any colour. Spread into a hotel pan and cool in the fridge. In a small pot whisk the agar into h2o and bring to a simmer. Allow to simmer for exactly 30 seconds, then mix with the 3rd set thoroughly. Pour into a hotel pan and let cool in the fridge. Combine all in the vita prep and puree until completely smooth. Cool over ice.

Brussel sprouts

Combine all in a small sauté pan and cook on high heat until glazed and emulsified. Season with salt.

To serve

Divide the vinaigrette between 4 dinner plates. Arrange the brussel sprouts neatly onto the plate, then arrange the squab, as per the image.