Serves 4


Char with smoked eel

1 fresh char (about 600g)

200g smoked eel

250ml veal stock base

Dried cod brandade

125g dried cod (watered for two days, changing water four times)

1 garlic clove (peeled and without seedling)

50ml milk

30ml cream

¼ bay leaf

¼ sprig of thyme

½ large cooked jacket potato (ca. 200g)

40ml Ligurian olive oil

Some pepper, salt and juice of one lemon

Sautéed baby spinach

250g baby spinach

1 shallot, finely diced

¼ garlic clove, finely diced

¼ lemon zest

10g pine nuts

25g butter

Some salt, pepper

Raw apple beads or cubes

1 green apple

1 lemon

300ml water

Elderflower and apple foam

200g shallots

0.5l white wine

0.5l apple juice

0.3l elderflower syrup

50g butter

1l milk


Potato apple cream

300g floury potatoes

100ml apple juice

100ml cream

50g butter

Some salt, pepper and nutmeg

Spinach cream

1kg fresh spinach

100g shallots, finely diced

50g butter

20ml cream

Some salt, pepper and lemon zest


Char with smoked eel

Wash the fresh char under running water and dab with a cloth. Fillet from head to tail, gently pulling the bones with fish bone tongs. Cut off the head of the eel completely and slowly remove the skin from the head end to the tail end with a sharp knife. After that, carefully scrape off the coat of fat with the back of the knife. Carefully dab the eel and fillet from head to tail with a sharp knife (keep the bones for the stock). Cut up half of the eel into strips and the other half into squares (which will later be glazed in the veal stock).

Place a char fillet on some cling film and place the eel strips in the middle. Then place the second fillet on top and roll up tightly in the film so that no air bubbles can be seen. Finally, wrap again tightly in aluminium foil. Bring a pot of water to the boil and place the char and eel roll inside. Take the pot off the heat and leave for 10-12 minutes. Take off the foil, cut in four equal parts and serve immediately. Carefully glaze the square eel pieces in a pot with veal stock and serve.

Dried cod brandade

Cook the garlic clove in milk or cream until soft. Infuse bay leaf and thyme in the hot liquid before removing them. Remove bones and skin of the dried cod and infuse the pure meat with the aromatic milk at ca. 75-80C for 5-8 minutes according to the thickness of the fish.

Discard the liquid, then mix together the peeled potatoes, dried cod and garlic into a firm mixture. While mixing, add as much olive oil as the mixture can take.

Sautéed baby spinach

Wash the baby spinach and gently pat dry. Heat up the butter in a pan and add the finely diced shallots and garlic. Add the chopped pine nuts and spinach, briefly sauté them and add lemon, salt and pepper to taste.

Raw apple beads or cubes

Peel the apple and put it in water with the lemon juice. Either cut out little beads or fine cubes, which will be served lukewarm.

Elderflower and apple foam

Peel the shallots and sauté in butter. Deglaze with white wine and boil down by half. Top up with the apple juice and again reduce by half. Add the elderflower syrup and milk. Mix together with a blender. Pass the foam, season to taste and froth up before serving.

Potato apple cream

Peel the potatoes and boil in salted water, let them cool and pass them through a fine sieve. Slightly heat the milk and apple juice and pour over the potato mixture. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg and mix until you get a smooth cream.

Place a potato ring as decoration and serve the brandade in it. For this, take a floury potato, pass it through a spaghetti machine and place round a ring, then bake it in the oven.

Spinach cream

Wash and clean the spinach and gently pat it dry. Sweat the shallots in butter and top up with cream. Quickly add the spinach and mix everything to a fine cream. Season with salt, pepper and lemon zest and serve lukewarm.

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