Serves 2


2.4kg chicken

0.5l Champagne

0.5l chicken stock

40g cream



30 g Truffle “Tuber Uncinatum”from Champagne

30 butter

Vegetables from your garden (carrots, turnips, brusselsprouts, beetroots, cabbage roots, leeks, pumpkin, etc)


Remove the thighs of the chicken and setthem asidefor later. Cut the breast of the chicken off andseason them. Put some butter in a pan then place one side of the breasts in, colour slightly, then start again the the other side.

Deglaze with the champagne (keep two soup spoons for the end) andallow toboil;pour in the chicken stock. Cover and simmer for15 minutes. At the end of this step, open the lid, add the cream andcook on a low heat without the lid. Baste the chicken from time to time. After5 minutes remove the breastand add the last spoons of Champagne.

Peel and cook all thevegetables in salty boiling water, keeping them crisp and finish in another pan with the butter and truffle. Arrange them on plates and add the chickencoated inhot Champagne sauce.

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