Rice Water

1 Pint carnnoli rice

1c Dry white wine

+/-1 ½qt Warm vegetable or veal stock

Salt to taste

Celery Root Risotto

Celery roots, peeled, sliced thin, and cut into ‘rice’ shape

Rice water




Distilled Granny Smith Apple Juice

Granny smith apple juice, juiced with green skins on and distilled

0.3% agar agar – powdered

0.75% gelatin sheets, silver strength soaked in cold water to hydrate

TT salt


Rice water

In a dry pot over medium heat, toast rice until fragrant (about 3 minutes) stirring constantly. Once rice is toasted, deglaze with white wine, cooking until the pan is almost dry. Turn heat to low and slowly add the warm stock a little at a time, about 6 phases total. While adding stock, stir rice constantly. When all the stock is added, the rice should be very wet and undercooked, looking as if it is almost sitting in a thickened broth. Cover rice with plastic wrap and steep for 5 minutes. Drain rice and press, extracting as much liquid as possible. Cover and chill. Hold cold until service.

Celery root risotto

Place celery root in a wide mouth pan. Cover with rice liquid and bring to a simmer. Cook ‘rice’, stirring constantly, until liquid is reduced and creamy and celery root is tender, adding more rice water as needed. Season with salt and parmesan, and add a small knob of butter. Hold warm, and add a little water if mixture is too thick.

Distilled granny smith apple juice

Weigh granny smith apple juice then place in a pot. Add agar powder to apple juice, whisking constantly. Place pot over medium heat and bring to a boil, whisking. Boil for one minute, then pull off the heat. Let juice cool slightly then add gelatin. Strain juice through a chinois into a plastic lined sheet tray. Let set in cooler for at least 6 hours, or until firm. Carefully cut gelee into medium sized cubes. Place in a deli container and hold in cooler.

Warm risotto. Separately, warm veal demi-glace seasoned with a few drops of black truffle juice. Make a ‘salad’ of apple gelee, diced apple, chopped toasted hazelnuts, and celery leaves then season with salt and hazelnut oil. Plate by placing a spoon full of hot ‘risotto’ in the center of a warmed bowl. Carefully spoon a small amount of truffled veal jus around risotto then add a spoonful of ‘salad’ over risotto. Finish by shaving fresh black truffle over the top.