Serves 2


1 kyoto aubergine

10 pieces cockscombs

1 chicken carcass, feet

250g roasted vegetable (onion, leek, celery, shallot, celeriac)

1 tsp beluga caviar

Fromage blanc

Nasturtium leaves


Roast the chicken carcass in the oven at 200°c until brown with a little bit of oil. Burn the aubergine with a torch or over a heat until the skin is burnt, making small cuts with a knife all round. Sit aside. In a pot, swet the vegetables until tender and golden brown, add the chicken carcasses, feet, cockscombs and deglaze with water until covered, bring to a boil then add the aubergine and reduce the stock for two hours over a low heat. Chop the cockscomb into brunoise and chervil. When the aubergine is cold, trim it into perfect dices, add a quenelle of cockscomb and caviar and the nasturtium leaves. Arrange on a plate. Finish with some dots of fromage blanc and serve.

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