320g Carnaroli rice

700g fish stock

150g potato cream with clams

1kg clams

Lemon sauce, to taste

10g thyme leaves

Extra Virgin olive oil, to taste

​Pepper, to taste

Italian sea salt

20ml white wine

30g parmesan

​Garlic, to season


Potato cream

1 spring onion

3 potatoes

Water from the clams, as much as necessary

Fish stock, as much as necessary


Lemon sauce

6 lemons

1tsp glucose

150gextra virgin olive oil




Roast the rice with oil. Add a pinch of salt, soak it with fish stock and start cooking.Halfway through cooking add the potato cream and continue cooking. Remove it from the fire/stove andcream with parmesan, oil, pepper, garlic oil, thyme and salt.


Potato cream

Brown the spring onion, add the washed and cut potatoes. Add some water from the clams and fish stock. Blend and set aside.


Lemon sauce

Squeeze the lemons. Reduce by 1/3, before adding the glucose. Bring to the boil and then let cool down.Whisk the oil with a mixer.


To serve

On a flat plate put in rice in the centre. Add the clams on it, some lemon drops and garnishwith herbs and flowers.