Cream of dates

120g dates

160g fromage blanc

200g whipping cream

4 sheets of gelatine

Orange blossom gelatine

50g caster sugar

200cl water

25cl orange blossom water

1g gelling agent

Spicy seasoning

100 fine grade couscous

80 corn flakes

30g walnut powder

70g slivered almonds

3g cinnamon

2g anis

50g brown sugar

50g honey

7g oil

15g butter

10g Muscovado

Sugar crusts

2 sheets of brik, or filo pastry

30g melted butter

Caster sugar and granulated


1 non-treated orange


Cream of dates

The day before, soak the dates in tea and let them sit for the night. On the followingday, mix the dates with the fromage blanc. Soften the gelatine with cold water and mix itin, as well. Finish it with whipped cream.

Orange blossom gelatine

Bring the water to the boil along with the sugar and gelling agent. Remove from burner andadd the orange blossom water. Keep chilled.

Spicy seasoning

Grill the almonds and couscous and then let cool. Blend all the ingredients together until you obtain an evenly mixed powder.

Sugar crusts

Rub the sugar grains on the orange so as to give them aroma. Butter the sheets of brik and sugar them on one side. Add the scented sugar and carameliseit lightly in the oven at high temperature.

To serve

Set the orange crusts vertically alternating with the whipped cream. Sprinkle here and there with the spicy seasoning and finish with drops of gelatine.

To be enjoyed quickly!

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