Calves tongue

1 calve’s tongue, about 500g

7g curing salt

3l water

1 carrot

¼ celeriac

1 onion

1 bayleaf

1 white peppercorn

15g salt

Some white balsamico

Apple wasabi mayonnaise

1 Granny Smith apple (200g)

150g plain mayonnaise

20g wasabi paste

Apple jelly

50g sugar

200g apple juice (Gala)


Bay leaf

200g apple juice

2g agar

To serve

50g smoked eel, diced

8 capers

Shallots, raw, thinly sliced

Apple balsamico and olive oil vinaigrette



Apple, raw, chopped as prefered


Calves tongue

Season the tongue with curing salt and allow to marinate for about 48 hours in a vacuum pack.

Bring water to the boil with roughly chopped vegetables, spices and the cured tongue. Gently boil for about 1,5 hours. Let cool and thinly slice into lengthwise sheaves. Season and sprinkle with apple balsamico.

Apple wasabi mayonnaise

Reduce apple juice to 20g and fold into the mayonnaise, then add wasabi. Season with salt and pepper.

Apple jelly

When the sugar begins to caramelize, add the Gala-apple juice. Then add cloves and bay leaf, reduce until you achieve a syrup consistency. Add the other apple juice and agar, bring to the boil and let cool, mix and strain.

To serve

Smoke for a short time in a smoking machine with apple tree wood. Cover the calve’s tongue with the various components. Fry some of the shaved Calves tongue.

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