1 butternut ravioli

15g brown butter & Amaretto glaze

8g wilted garden greens

3 Thai shallots, pickled

12g butternut squash, diced

15g butternut squash broth

8g whipped gorganzola creme fraiche (1 Quennelle)

2g toasted nibbed almonds

0.5g micro herbs

Beurre noisette

20g unsalted butter

2.5g lemon juice

1g salt

Brown butter & amaretto glaze

15g beurre noisette

20g Amaretto Di Saronno

0.5g cinnamon, ground

1g French rosemary

0.5g lemon juice

4 strips lemon zest

Salt and ground pepper to taste

Butternut ravioli

15g Butternut squash puree

20g wet pasta dough for ravioli & tortellini

Butternut squash broth

175g butter unsalted

1250g butternut squash, trimmings, roughly chopped

2000g water

10g salt

0.5g cayenne pepper, pinch

400g butternut squash, seeds

100g butternut squash, peeled androughly chopped

15g butter unsalted

Butternut squash dice

130g butternut squash

1.5g butter unsalted

Fresh thyme

1.5g new season garlic

Salt, to taste

Ground black pepper, to taste

1.5g sherry vinegar

Butternut Squash Puree

30g Butter Unsalted

250g Butternut Squash, 2cm dice

1g Salt, to taste

350g Milk Full Fat

50g Butter Unsalted, beurre noisette, to taste

1g Lemon, Juice

Shallot – Thai Pickled

3 Shallots Thai

25g Water, Pan A

5g Salt, Pan A

15g Water, Pan B

15g Vinegar Red Wine, Pan B

10g Sugar Castor, Pan B

Salt, Pan B

Ground Black Pepper, Pan B

PinchStar Anise, Pan B

Thyme Fresh, Small Sprig

Garlic, Slice

5g Thai Shallot Glaze

Thai Shallot Glaze

10g Vinegar Cabernet Sauvignon

Star Anise, crushed

4g Caster Sugar

Toasted Nibbed Almonds

2g Almond Nibbes

Alcohol Amaretto Di Saronno


1g Caster Sugar

Vegetable Emulsion

500g Water

62 g Butter Unsalted

10g Salt

Wet Pasta Dough for Ravioli & Tortellini

40g Flour Pasta OO

1g Water

0.5g Saffron Powder


1 Free RangeEgg

1Free RangeEggYolk

2.5g Oil Olive Cooking Early Harvest

Whipped Gorganzola Creme Fraiche

40g Cheese Gorgonzola Dolce

40g Creme Fraiche


Small pinch Cayenne Pepper

Wilted Garden Greens

10g Garden Greens

10g Vegetable Emulsion


Beurre Noisette

Heat butter slowly over a moderate heat until foaming.The butter will start to turn nut brown gradually, season with salt and lemon juice.Ensure it has a golden brown/nutty colour flavour and aroma.Pass through a muslin cloth.

Brown Butter & Amaretto Glaze

Boil ameretto and reduce amaretto to half.Whisk in remaining ingrediants. Allow to infuse.

Butternut Ravioli

Place 15g of the mix in the centre of the pasta square marked bottom.Cover with a pasta square marked top. Seal edges to form a round dome like shape. Ensure no air bubbles are present. Push a slight intent to the top of the ravioli. Trim with flat edged pastry cutters. Blanch in rolling boiling seasoned water. Refresh in ice water and store in fridge until required.

Butternut Squash Broth

In a heavy based pan sweat the squash in the butter lightly until the edges start to break down.Season with salt and cayenne. Add the water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 20 minutes.Add the seeds, squash peel and butter. Bring back to the boil and simmer for a further 10 minutes. Strain through fine chinoise. Check with senior chef. Blitz to emulsify.

Butternut Squash Dice

In a flat heavy based frying pan heat the butter allow to lightly foam. Add the dice and colour both sides until golden. Season with salt and pepper. Add aromats and cook at 180*C for approx 5 minutes until tender. Finish with Jerez vinegar.Remove from pan and store on flat tray at room temperature ready for service.

Butternut Squash Puree

Melt butter in a heavy based pan. Add the butternut squash and cook until tender. Add the milk and cook for a further 10 minutes. Drain from liquid and blitz in vita prep blender using a little of the cooking liquid until smooth. Season with salt, lemon and beuree noisette. Pass through fine chinoise.

Shallot – Thai Pickled

Blanch the shallots in boiling water in Pan A until two thirds cooked.Combine the rest of the ingredients in Pan B.Bring to the boil.Put the blanched shallots into Pan B and simmer for 2 minutes until tender, but retaining a little crunch texture.
Chill in the cooking liquor in blast chiller.Prior to service, trim base to enable them to stand on the plate.Glaze with Thai Shallot Glaze.

Thai Shallot Glaze

Reduce Cabernet Sauvignon & sugar together until quantity isreduced by 20% into a glaze, add star anise, leave to infusefor a minimum of 1 hour.

Toasted Nibbed Almonds

Mix all ingredients together. Place on greaseproof paper on a heavy based tray. Roast in dry heat for 8-10 minutes at 160*C.Allow to cool.

Vegetable Emulsion

Slowly heat water and butter, add seasoning.Bring to the boil and liquidise to emulsify.

Wet Pasta Dough for Ravioli & Tortellini

Accurately weigh the flour and place into robo-coupe.Weigh the water, add saffron and bring to the boil and reduce. ENSURE SAFFRON HAS DISOLVED. Add the salt.Weigh eggs, mix with oil and add saffron water passed through muslin cloth. Add egg mixture very slowly into robo coupe until all incorporated.Knead together.

Whipped Gorganzola Creme Fraiche

Place the crème fraiche, Gorgonzola, salt and cayenne pepper in a mixing bowl. Whip in kitchen aid until stiff peaks are formed.Keep chilled and cling film until required.

Wilted Garden Greens

Place leaves into boiling emulsion.Cook until tender – check seasoning and serve

To serve

Place the greens in the centre of the plate. Place the butternut pieces and Thai shallot around the greens. Place the ravioli on top of the greens. Finish with micro herbs, Gorgonzola quenelle and nibbed almonds. Butternut broth to be served on the side.

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