Serves 4


Brook trout

4 brook trout fillets, each 60g

4 radishes

2 small potatoes

4tbsp sauerkraut tapioca

8tbsp potato espuma


100g clarified butter

Salt, pepper, nutmeg, vinegar, sugar

Sauerkraut tapioca

500ml sauerkraut juice

100ml white wine

200ml chicken stock

1 bay leaf, salt

1tbsp cold butter

4tbsp tapioca

Potato espuma

200g potatoes, cooked and strained

60g cream

30g milk

10g brown butter

Salt, pepper, nutmeg


Slice potatoes thinly and fry in clarified butter until crisp.Soak tapioca and boil in salted water for 4-6 min. Boil down the sauerkraut juice with white wine to 100ml and whisk in the cold butter. Soak tapioca in the sauerkraut juice.Preheat oven to 82°C. Wrap each brook trout fillet in plastic and bake for 10-12 minutes, or until opaque throughout.Cut radishes into thin strips and season with melted butter, sugar, salt, pepper and vinegar.For the potato espuma, combine the ingredients in a pot and heat through. Serve as thin, runny mashed potatoes, or fill the hot ingredients in an espuma maker and pipe the potato espuma directly onto the plates when ready to serve.Unwrap the fish roulades, set each fillet on a plate and top with some radish salad. Add sauerkraut tapioca and potato espuma and garnish with potato chips. Enjoy!