Serves 4


2pcs Raw bue lobster tail


Pork feet mix

320 g cooked piglet trotter, thinly chopped

500g Granny Smith apples

1 pcs fresh jalapeno chili

1 pcs lemon

50g extra virgin olive oil

2 Gelatine sheet, soaked in ice water


Cauliflower puree

200g cauliflower, chopped

15g butter

2g Salt

500g milk



50g yellow cauliflower

50g purple cauliflower

50g green cauliflower

50g white cauliflower

Smoked salt


Lemon dressing

68g olive oil

30g lemon juice, passed

2g Salt

1.5g caster sugar



4pcs mini radish

4pcs marigold flowers

28g Kristal ‘Schrenki’ caviar

Flaming sorrel

Golden pea tendril




Slice raw the lobster tail into very fine slices, and arrange them in a ring of 100mm into a nice rosace. Keep thisin the fridge.


Pork feet mix

Lightly warm the pork feet and add a little of the jus just to combine it together.Mix in the lemon confit, tomato and parsley. Season with salt. Press flat in between silicon paper, put on a tray and leave in the fridge to set. Cut out with cutter number 12.


Cauliflower puree

Sweat the cauliflower off in butter until half cooked and season with salt. Cover with milk, put a cartouche on top and cook until really soft. Strain, blend until smooth, adding some of the liquid back if needs be. Pass and check the seasoning.


Cauliflower couscous

Pass into a cheese grater all the cauliflower and season with the smoked salt.


Lemon dressing

Mix all the ingredients together.



Slice the mini radish with a mandolin, divide the caviar per 7g.


To serve

Place the pork trotter slice in the middle of a hot plate. Add the lobster on top with the lemon dressing. In a small bowl put the couscous and season also with the lemon dressing and put some on top of the lobster. Put 7 g of caviar for each serve. Place cauliflower puree all around and finish with the marigold flower, the flaming sorrel, and the golden pea tendril.