4 kitchen-ready pigeon breasts

4 kitchen-ready pigeon drumsticks

Salt & pepper

20g butter


Jus (Moroccan flavours)

1 carrot, finely diced

1 Fennel, celery, onion, finely diced

2 tbsp olive oil


Bay leaf




1tsp cumin powder

1tsp curry powder

100ml white wine

100ml Noilly Prat

200ml red wine

500ml veal jus

Lime juice

Carrot puree

4 carrots, cut into pieces

30g butter

50ml white wine

150ml chicken stock

220ml cream



zest of half a salted lemon


1tbsp fresh peas



Salt and pepper the pigeon breasts, then vacuum and steam for four minutes at 85°C in the oven; then lightly sauté in a pan with some butter and glaze with the jus. Salt and pepper the pigeon drumsticks, fry them in hot oil until crispy and then cook them in the pigeon jus.


Sauté the root vegetables with a pot with a little olive oil, add cumin, curry, some freshly grated ginger and deglaze with white wine, Noilly Prat and red wine. Let the alcohol boil away and fill up with veal jus. Let reduce by half and finally season with coriander and lime juice.

Carrot puree

Sauté the carrots in the foamed butter and deglaze with white wine, boil it down, then add the chicken stock and let reduce by half. Finally, add the cream and cook until the carrots are white. Then puree finely with a blender, add salt to taste and strain through a fine sieve.

To serve

Plate the hot carrot mousseline with a spoon, add the jus, place the glazed pigeon breasts and drumsticks on top and finally garnish with fresh parsley, finely chopped salted lemon zest and peas.

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