Serves 4


Quail egg

4 quail eggs


50g jasmine tea leaf

50g brown sugar

50g rice

Crispy nest dough

416g non-glutinous rice flour (teng)

38g cornstarch

454ml hot water

163g egg yolk, cooked, sifted

132g lard

4g baking powder

12g salt

12g sugar

5g chinese five-spice powder

To serve

Oscietra aviar, to garnish

Gold leaf, to garnish


Quail egg

Bring 1l water to a rolling boil. Cook quail eggs for 2 minutes. Shock in ice water. Peel.


Mix ingredients. Line bottom of wok with tin foil. Spread smoke mixture evenly on top. Turn heat up until mixture is smoking. Smoke quail eggs (placed on a perforated tray with cover on) for 6 minutes. Turn quail eggs over. Smoke for another 6 minutes.

Crispy nest dough

Mix all ingredients. Chill.


Roll crispy nest dough into 7g discs. Wrap lower half of quail egg with disc. Fry at 210°C. Cut tip of quail egg off. Spoon caviar on top and garnish with gold leaf.