Serves 4


2 pupunha palm hearts

100g bone marrow

100g wheat flour

200g açaí pulp

50ml sugar cane vinegar

50g beef stock, reduced

50g spinach leaves

20ml mustard vinaigrette

20g sugar cane molasses

20ml olive oil


Salt flower


Cut each pupunha heart in half and shape them to form circles of approximately 5cm in diameter. Season withm the salt and olive oil then wrap the hearts in foil and bake them for 25 minutes in an oven heatedto 180C. Once cooked, remove from the oven and the foil and cut the centre of the hearts with a 3.5cm diameter cutter, then set aside. Cutthe bone marrow into four equal parts, season with salt and place in the wheat flour. Grill the bone marrow on all sides with a drop of olive oil then place them on a paper towl. Then, set one piece of the bone marrow on top of each of the pupunha circles. Bake the pupunha and bone marrow for five minutes then remove from the oven and brush with the sugar cane molasses.

To serve

For the sauce, bring the açaí pulp and the vinegar to the boil together in a pan over a medium heat. Mix well and strain. Add the beef stock and emulsify well. Serve the pupunha and the bone marrow in a spoon of the açaí sauce. Season with salt, salt flower and finish with the spinach leaves which have been seasoned with the mustard viniagrette.