Serves 4


Chocolate mousse

150glightly whipped cream


100gdark chocolate

½ gelatin sheet (2g)

Bread cubes

12 cubes of soft white bread (1×1 cm.)

1 c.c. sugar

1 c.c. olive oil

1 c.c. cocoa powder

Big truffle

40gcola sugar

5gcocoa powder

1gpetit cola (cola acuminata)

Cocoa sauce

100gkarpy liquor (orange liquor)




Chocolate cake


2 eggs


75gdark chocolate



¼ ofvanilla bean



Chocolate mousse

Bring the milk to a boil and add the previously hydrated gelatin. Pour it over the finely chopped chocolate. Melt and let sit until it cools a bit. Mix with the whipped cream. Beat the mixture gently so that the mousse doesn’t deflate. Keep cold.

Bread cubes

Sautee the bread cubes together with the sugar and oil. When they are crisp remove from heat and let cool. Coat with cocoa and set aside.

Big truffle

Pour the sugar into a cotton candy machine until it makes a thread. Wrap it around the chocolate mousse, bread cubes and petit cola and form a ball shape. Coat with cocoa powder. Set aside.

Chocolate cake

Melt the chocolate with the butter. Add the eggs, the sugar and the interior of the vanilla bean (save the rest for other uses) and the salt. Mix well. Add the flour, which has been previously mixed with the cocoa. Mix well. Spread on a baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes at 160 Cº. Set aside.

Cocoa sauce

Mix all ingredients and boil for two minutes over a medium heat. Let cool.

To serve

Roll out a piece of the cake between two pieces of parchment paper until quite thin. Set it on the plate with the truffle on top. In the dining room in front of the guest pour the sauce over the truffle so that it opens up a crater in the top and leaves the interior visible.

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