Tasting notes

Serve this recipewith JING Matcha Tea. The vegetal flavour and smooth, creamy texture of Matcha pairs brilliantly with the sweet panna cotta and ice cream.

True to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, add small amounts of warm water to this vibrant green powder and use a bamboo whisk to create a smooth, silky consistency: the perfect replacement for the usual espresso at the end of the meal.

Serves 4


Bergamottea panna cotta ‘forest floor’

125g milk

125g single cream

80g sugar

3g of JING Earl Grey

4g iota carrageen gel powder

Green tea matcha soil

30g green tea matcha powder

200g flour

100g sugar

100g butter

Violet ice cream

5 egg yolks

250ml milk

250ml cream

100g sugar

100g glucose

30g crystallised violets


Bergamottea panna cotta ‘forest floor’

Bring milk to the simmer with cream sugar and JING Earl Grey.Allow to infuse for 5 minutes.Strain tea from mixture.Add the iota carrageen gel powder to the mixture and bring to boil whisking all the time until fully incorporated. Pass the mixture through a fine sieve and allow to cool in a bowl.100g chocolate melted and put into a piping bag.Pipe this over crushed ice to form twigs, dust in cocoa powder

Green tea matcha soil

Mix all ingredients together, and make a crumb dry crumb in oven at 58 degrees until dry.

Violet ice cream

Make the anglaise with violets milk and eggs and sugar, once cooked passed through sieve add cream and glucose and mix in ice cream maker to manufacturer’s instructions.

To serve

Add three spoons of panna cotta to bowl, cover panna cotta in green tea crumble, place edible twigs on top garnish with flower petals and small mint leaves add scoop of violet ice cream on top.

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