Beet Ravioli with raspberry ganache, strawberry sorbet &white tapioca sauce.


Thinly sliced beets, cooked briefly in sugar syrup 1/1.Raspberry ganache

200g dark chocolate 70% | 300g raspberry puree | 50 grams of concentrated raspberry puree (Rzbari)Tapioca sauce

500g coconut milk (Boaron) | 85 g sugar | 6g of starch | 100g of cooked tapioca


Raspberry ganache
Melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler. Heat the raspberry puree and merged over the melted chocolate, add the concentrated raspberry puree, mix with a hand mixer until a homogeneous smooth emulsion. Place in a pastry bag until use.Tapioca Sauce
Combine the coconut milk, sugar and starch along with the cooked tapioca. Cook briefly over a low flame to combine and set aside until ready to put the dish together.

For serving

Raspberry Sauce | Olive oil |Strawberry Sorbet | Grated rind Clementine

Serving method

In the center of the plate Place a slice of beetroot, with a pastry bag Ganesha Hill. Place Hill of Ganesha, cover with another slice of beetroot. Around the ravioli, pour the tapioca sauce and sprinkle with grated clementine, raspberry sauce and olive oil.

Place a scoop of strawberry sorbet over the ravioli.