Serves 4



100g cantal cheese

60g diced Iberico ham

10g chopped chives

15ml vodka

1 egg yolk

1 spring onion

1tbsp Dijon mustard

1tbsp mayonnaise

6g Worcestershire sauce



15g diced celery, blanched

10g chopped capers

140g chopped gherkins

Bloody Mary

400ml spicy tomato juice

100ml Vodka Granite

100ml vodka

25g sugar

10ml lemon juice

Let it freeze then make a granite

Mushroom Panini

100g Paris mushrooms

20g mascarpone

Loaf of bread

Turmeric mash potato

150g mashed potato

12g turmeric

Agar agar beetroot

500ml beetroot juice

4g agar agar


Mushroom panini

Thinly grate mushrooms and cook it like a duxelle, then cool it down and add mascarpone, check the seasoning.Put a white unsliced loaf of bread in the freezer. Then, slice loaf lengthways using a slicer to create 3 slices of 2mm thick bread. Put half of the mushroom mix on 1 slice of bread, and do the same with another slice of bread and remaining mix. Finish by topping with the last slice of bread. Cut it in 3cm rectangular shapes and pan fry it with clarified butter.

Turmeric mash potato

Mix the potato mash with turmeric to create a yellow-coloured mash potato. Set aside in a piping bag.

Agar agar beetroot

Bring the beetroot juice to the boil. Add the agar agar and boil again. Place on cling film, creating a depth of 2mm. Cut with a round ring cutter when chilled.


Mix all ingredients of the tartare together, then put it in 4 different rings, top with the beetroot agar agar and put some garnish on the top for the decoration.On the side of the plate put a line of turmeric mash and the mushroom Panini.And on the side in a glass, put the vodka granite and serve on the top of it the spicy Bloody Mary.

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