Fresh beans

Beans -Purple, yellow and green

Roasted avocado

Ripe avocado

Maldon sea salt

Epazote vinaigrette

110gepazote leaves

170gArbequina oil

100glime juice

14 ice cubes


5gxanthan gum

12g ultratex 3

Bean broth






1000gfresh yellow beans

Squid bean broth

270gbean broth

50gbutter, diced

4.5gkosher salt

95gsquid, bodies and tails (cleaned and shocked in ice water for 1 minute)

Lemon juice, to taste


Fresh beans

Blanch beans in salted water and shocked in ice water.

Roasted avocado

Prick the flesh and roast over coals for about 3 minutes, rotating each minute. Cut into desired shape. Season with maldon salt.

Epazote vinaigrette

Blend lime juice, oil, epazote leaves, and ice cubes just enough to crush the ice. Slowly add xanthan and ultratex. Pass through chinois and cool over an ice bath. Cool quickly to avoid the color turning. Add Arbequina olive oil to finish.

Bean broth

Simmer all ingredients, except beans for 1 hour. Then add beans.

Squid bean broth

In a small pot, sweat butter, salt and squid until the butter begins to bubble on side of pan. Add bean broth and cover, bring to a simmer. Cover and let steep and remove from heat. Season with lemon juice on the pick up.

To serve

Bean flowers- all colours

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