Serves 4



4 bananas

1l water

300g sugar

2 vanilla pods

200g of rum

Bananas Brunoise

4 bananas in brunoise

150g sugar

150g water

200g passion fruit juice

Passion bomb coffee

330g passion juice

300g water

120g concentrated fruit syrup 30°

18g ground coffee beans

50g mint leaves

4 gelatine leaves



Atsina leaves



Make the vanilla syrup and let it cool down. Then add the rum. Peel the bananas and cut the ends off. Place 3 bananas in a vacuum bag together with 1/2 vanilla pod and five spoons of the cold rum syrup.Close the vacuum bags and let the content infuse for six hours at room temperature.

Bananas brunoise

Make a dark caramel with sugar and water. Add the brunoise to the caramel. Cook over high heat for some minutes. Deglaze with passion juice. Then continue cooking it over high heat until the liquid evaporates.

Passion bomb coffee

Infuse all ingredients for 12 hours without heating them. Then filter the mixture. Weigh the liquid and for every 0.5 litres add 4 gelatine leaves. Put into a siphon with two cartridges and store it in a cold place.


Blow the melted isomalt into a crumpled shape.

To serve

Cut the bananas into equal pieces of 10x2cm. Place three parallel pieces in the middle of the plate, placing them 1cm apart. Place the bananas brunoise on top of each and fill the spaces between with Passion bomb coffee. Cover everything with transparent sugar and scatter some Atsina leaves on it.

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