Serves 4


12 branches of larch (calendar of nature – week 21)

15g of larch needles

12 snails

4 white asparagus

150g wild garlic leaves

100g water mint leaves

100g spinach leaves

50g wild sorrel leaves

50g sage leaves

50g chervil leaves

25ml nasturcium oil

1g xantana

50g butter

20ml green asparagus juice


Blanch all the leaves separately in boiling water and refresh in iced water. Squeeze out excess water and put leaves, oil and xantana in thermomix. Mix at full speed for 8 minutes. Transfer to pacojet containers and freeze. Pacotize 5 times, freezing after each process. When ready, season with salt and pour into a bottle. Put 3 branches of larch into a glass jar. Pan fry white asparagus in a little hot oil for 60 seconds, just to brown. Season with salt and chopped larch needles. Dry on a paper towel and put into a jar. Using blow torch burn the larch brunches and cover the jar with a lid. Set covered for 3 minutes. In a small pot bring to a boil green asparagus juice with snails, season with salt. Add butter and green herb paste and mix well. Take off the heat. Serve on a plate. Open the jar and place one asparagus per portion. Sprinkle with larch needles.

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Photography by Małgorzata Opala