Serves 6


200g smoked eel

3 pcs Japanese aubergine

150g Caille (sheep curd)

30g caviar

3 yellow onions

200g spring onions

Sea plants

Japanese aubergine

Peel the skin of the aubergine and steam for 4 hours at85C.

Onion juice

Chop the onions, add water (1:1) and a bit of salt. Thenvacuum the mixture in a sous vide bag, or vacuum bag, and steam at 85 degrees for 1.5 hours.

Spring onion oil

Use the green part of the spring onion only.Heat 100g oil to 140C and then blend the spring onion and oil in a blender. Set aside.

To serve

Cut the smoked eel, eggplant, caille into small pieces according to preference. Assemble all components on the plate in whatever fashion you like. Drizzlethe onion juice and spring onion oil over the dish and thengarnish with caviar and sea plants.

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