Saddle of Lamb Belle Epoque


  • 1 short saddle of lamb [preferably new season lamb]
  • 200g Mushroom and foie gras mousseline – recipe below
  • 200g Spring wild mushrooms
  • 120g Foie gras medallions
  • 250g Coil fat


Foie Gras Mousseline

70g chicken breast | 120g foie gras | 1 egg white | 70ml cream | 200g spring wild mushrooms (morels, girolles, king oysters) | 50g shallots | 1 clove garlic | ½bunch parsley | 1 bunch chervil | salt, pepper, nutmeg, to taste


1ltr brown chicken stock| 250ml white wine| 100g beurre noisette | 500g lamb trimming | 50ml oil | 100g butter | ½ head garlic | 100g shallots | 1 bay leaf | 1 sprig rosemary | 1 sprig thyme | 40g carrot | 40g celeriac


90g broad beans| 90g morels | 60g peas | 18 grelot onions | 60g girolles | 90g king oysters | ¼ bunch parsley | 10g garlic | 10g shallot, diced

Pomme Puree

1kg potatoes (ambo) | 400g butter | 400ml double cream | salt, to taste


Butchery and Preparation of the Saddle

Remove the bark from the saddle, trim away excess fat. Turn the saddle upside down and remove the fillet on the under carriage, trim and remove the fat from the fillet. Remove the chine bone keeping the saddle intact. Then bat thefat with a mallet to minimise the thickness of the fat, trim theedges to form a rectangular shape approx. 45cm x 20cm long onthe loin fillets which remain intact to the rest of the fat.

Spread a layer of the foie gras mousse in between the fillets thenlay the fillet of lamb on top, continue this process once more. Saute the foie gras medallions then chill. Place the chilled FoieGras on top of the mousse then repeat the process with themouse and lamb fillet, finally spread with mousse once again

Lightly roll the flaps of the saddle so they overlap, form into around shape, cover ends with strips of coil fat then string thewhole saddle. Chill for 20 minutes.

Roasting the Saddle

In a roasting tray, render and seal the fat on the outside of the saddle then place in an oven at 180°C for 25 minutes. Allow to rest in a warm area for 25 minutes. Remove coil fat, then sliceacross lamb in 8mm thick to reveal the mosaic.

Cut the mushrooms into fine dice, sweat with the shallots and a clove of garlic, sauté until tender and allow to cool. Dice the chicken breast and foie gras then place into blender,puree with egg white. Place the bowl over ice and continue to mix thoroughly whilstadding the cream. Season to taste. Pass through a fine sieve and add the chopped herbs and thecooked, diced mushrooms.


Place the trimmings into a pan and caramelise slowly. Add the mirepoix and aromats, caramelise once again. Deglaze with Madeira and white wine.Add the chicken stock and bring to the boil, skim then simmer forapprox. 1 hour. Pass through a sieve, reduce to consistency. Season and finish by whisking the beurre noisette into thefinished sauce.


Prepare the vegetables in the normal way and blanche in salted, boiling water until quit tender. Chill and reserve.Puree
Boil potatoes in their jackets with salted water for approximately 20 minutes until tender. Drain and peel the potatoes whilst still hot. Pass through a sieve. Mix the cream and butter, warm through, add to puree and mixthoroughly. Season to taste.

Assembling the Dish
Spoon the pomme puree into the centre of the plate.Sauté the pre blanched vegetables and mushrooms, season and deglaze with a little jus, spoon the vegetables around the puree,place the lamb saddle on top and pour a little jus around theplate.