Serves 4


Strawberry & Moscato rosé sorbet


150gpowdered dextrose

150gpowdered glucose

6gred pectagel (gelling agent)


1.75kg strawberry puree

250gMoscato rosé wine


Raspberry gelee

500g raspberry puree

50g sugar

8g hydrated gelatine

50g water


Blackcurrant gel

1kg blackcurrant puree



Raspberry meringue

250graspberry puree

250gegg whites

10gpowdered egg whites


10ggel espressa (thickening agent)

1gSosa ProEspuma


Rose and raspberry mousse

500gcream, partially-whipped

75gegg whites

100g sugar

40ghydrated gelatine

600graspberry puree

15g rose essence



Red fruits of the forest

Fruits of the forest puree

Different types of red watercress

Cold Moscato Rosé,to be poured at the end



Strawberry & Moscato rosé sorbet

Mix the powders, add the liquids, freeze and blend into a puree with a Pacojet.


Blackcurrant gel

Mix the ingredients and bring to the boil for around 3 minutes. Spread onto a baking tray and leave to cool. Blend with a food processor until the mixture is a smooth and uniform texture.


Raspberry meringue

Blend allof the ingredients in a food processor at a low speed for around 2 minutes. Raise to a high speed for 5 minutes. With the help of a pastry bag, create small spheres on a silicone mat and leave to dry out completely at 60c.


Raspberry gelee

Bring the raspberry puree, water and sugar to the boil, mix with the gelatine and pour into a tablet mould to set.


Rose and raspberry mousse

Make a meringue from the sugar and egg whites. Gently heat the raspberry puree and rose essence, mix in the gelatine, cool to 19c and incorporate to the meringue mixture. Distribute the mousse into small moulds, add the raspberry gelee and leave to set in the refrigerator.


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