Dulce de leche ice cream

238g dulce de leche (DDL)

150g water

30g egg yolks

300g double cream

30g light soft brown sugar

2g salt

1g stabiliser

Alfajores marshmellow

150g milk

50g alfajores

165g egg white

225g sugar

30g glucose liquid

25g water

25g gelatine leaf

Alfajores cube

150g corn starch

10g flour

5g baking powder

2g baking soda

1g salt

125g butter

70g sugar

10g brandy

2g vanilla extract

40g egg yolks

Dulce de leche Bavarian

397gdulce de leche

200g milk

15g gelatine leaf

90g egg yolks

400g whipping cream

Coconut mousse

250g coconut milk

100g white chocolate

50g dried coconut

300g whipping cream (whipped)

25g whipping cream

7g gelatine leaf

Chocolate glaze

200g sugar

65g cocoa powder

100g water

100g whipping cream

65g glucose liquid

7g gelatine leaf

Caramel tuille

500 sugar


Dulce de leche ice cream

Mix together in a pot DDL, water, yolks and double cream. Heat them up to 45°C Celsius and add the rest of the ingredients already mixed together.Carry on to cook it on low temperature until 82C Celsius.Filter by chinois and cool down, put in the ice cream machine maker, store in the freezer.

Alfajores marshmellow

Boil in a pot milk and alfajores, let it cool down and sieve, set aside.Soak in cold water the gelatine.With the rest of the ingredients prepare an Italian meringue (118°C).Drain the gelatine and melt it, add it to the meringue while it is whipping. When the meringue is chilled down reduce the speed and add the alfajores mixture, let it mix for a few seconds. Finish the mix with a rubber spatula by hand and put all the mix into the frame.Let it rest 6 hours in fridge before cutting.

Alfajores cube

Mix and sieve together corn starch, flour baking powder, baking soda and salt, keep aside.Mix (2nd speed) with the paddle, butter and sugar until become white and fluffy. During the process stop the machine a couple of times and rub with a rubber spatula the mixing bowl’s edge.Once the butter is ready, reduce the speed and add yolks, vanilla extract and brandy, then bit by bit the mixture of flour.Mix the dough until is compact (note: if it is over mixed it will start to crumble).Spread between two pieces of baking paper (5mm) and bake at 160°C for 12 minutes.

Dulce de leche Bavarian

Soft the gelatine in cold water and keep on the side.Whip the whipping cream as semi whipped and keep in fridge.Put in a pot milk, DDL and yolks, mix them well with a hand blender and cook in a low temperature until 82°C Celsius, add the gelatine and strain with a chinois.Let the mix cool down until 35°C Celsius and add in it the whipped cream in two times, mix it gently.

Coconut mousse

Soak in cold water the gelatine.Melt the chocolate and add the coconut milk at room temperature then the dried coconut.Drain the gelatine and melt it with 50g of whipping cream in the microwave and mix both with coconut milk mixture.Whip the cream (300g) until fluffy but still shinning.When the coconut base is at 30°C, combine it with the whipped cream with a rubber spatula.

Chocolate glaze

Soak in cold water the gelatine.In a large pot mix together sugar and cocoa.Add to the mix water and cream bit by bit and keep mixing with a whisk until it became as a paste without lumps.Add into the mix the glucose and start to cook in a low temperature, when it start to boil keep cooking for 5 minutes.Take out from the heat and add the drained gelatine.Filter the mix with a fine chinois.

Caramel tuille

Warm up a pot and put the sugar in it, make an amber caramel and pour between two pieces of baking paper.Help yourself with a rolling pin and try to spread the caramel as thin as possible.Let it cool down.

To serve

Building the cube |(Choose a different shape if you haven’t a cube mould)

Fill up the mould with the DDL Bavarian and the coconut mousse making three layers of DDL/coconut/DDL.Cut the alfajores of the same shape of the mould and stick it on the bottom of the DDL Bavarian. Let the mould set in the freezer.Unmould the cube and glaze it with the chocolate glaze. The glaze must to be at 30°C.Place Alfajores cube on left hand of plate.Place marshmallow beside it followed by a scoop of ice-cream.Place the caramel tuille behind the three elements.

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