150g milk

100g water


1g salt

175g eggs

125g AP Flour

Sablée for pâte à choux

150 g butter
165g sugar
7g bread flour

Sautéed apples

150g sugar

50g butter

500g apples

Miso butterscotch

150g brown sugar

320g glucose syrup

140g butter

4g crème of tartar

210g heavy cream

165g white miso

Toasted almond ice cream
1767g milk

504g cream

132g milk powder
120g dextrose
12g ice cream stabilizer
444g sugar
150g toasted almonds


Boil the milk, water, bitter and salt. Add the colour and beat well till it separates from the sides. Place the sablé on top and bake at 175C for 20 minutes.

Sablée for pâteàchoux

Beat the butter, sugar and add bread flour.Freeze and cut according to the size pate a choux you pipe out.

Miso butterscotch

Heat the sugar and glucose till the sugar is dissolved. Add the butter. Whisk in the heavy cream and crème or tartar. Add miso and blend. Strain and reserve

Toasted almond ice cream

Cook the cream, milk and half the sugar to 40C.Add the remaining half of sugar, milk powder, dextrose, ice cream stabilizer and cool to 73C.Freeze in paco jet containers over night.Spin the ice cream and pipe it in rectangle molds and deep freeze.Pop the ice cream of the mold and reserve in freezer.

Phyllo Garnish

Layers three sheets of phyllo dough with butter and sugar. Chill this in the fridge and then I cut it in squares and the cut a circle in the middle (you can make any shape). Cook the phyllo at 160Cbetween tow silpats and two sheets trays to ensure its flat. When caramelized, its finished, about 20-30 min.

Mise En Place

Mix the Caramelized Apple with Miso Butterscotch to taste (you are looking for a sweet and salty balance). Pipe the Apple-Miso Butterscotch into the puff and place in oven for 3-4 minutes to become hot.

Make a design with the miso butterscotch on the plate and place a bed ofcaramelized almonds below and on top of the rectangle almond ice cream. Place the phyllo garnish besides the ice cream. Place the Apple-Miso Butterscotch Puff next to the phyllo.

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