720g rack of lamb


Aubergine sauce

3 purple aubergines

50g corn oil

5g lemon juice

Salt, to taste

Black pepper, to taste


Ratte potatoes

650g ratte potatoes

10g olive oil

50g butter

500g chicken stock

10g thyme

10g sage

Salt, to taste


Tomato confit

100g datterino tomatoes

15g salt

15g brown sugar

30g extra virgin olive oil

10g thyme


Lamb jus

400g lamb bones

1kg veal bones

30g carrots

30g celery

15g white onions

10g thyme

10g rosemary



Lamb rack & jus

Clean and trim the lamb rack and cut it chop by chop.For the lamb juice:Make the lamb juice by roasting the veal and the lamb bones in the oven at 175 centigrade for 45 minutes.Sauté the vegetables.In a big pot, place the roasted bones, the vegetables and cover with cold water.Simmer the stock.After 2 hours, strain and reduce the stock.



Grill the eggplant till the skin is burned.Remove the burned skin and the seeds from the eggplant.Blend it with the corn oil and the lemon juice until smooth.


Ratte potatoes

Cut in half, remove the skin and trim the potatoes.In a casserole, sear the potatoes on the flat side till they become golden.Add the previously heated and salted chicken stock.When the stock is evaporated, add the butter and the sage, then roast the potatoes on the flat side.Remove from the fire and add the thyme.


Confit tomato

Boil the tomatoes for 20 seconds.Remove them and cool them down in an ice bath.Peel the skin from the tomatoes and put them on an oven tray, and season with olive oil, salt, sugar and thyme.Cook the tomatoes for 3.5 hours in the oven at 64 centigrade.


To serve

Season and sear the lamb chops, according to the desired temperature.Rest the chops in a hot box for 5-10 minutes with the herbs.Heat the sauce, the garnish and the lamb.Put the eggplant sauce on the dish, and on top add the potatoes, tomato confit and the lamb chops.To finish, add some lamb juice, Maldon salt and Atsina cress.


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