Milk-fed forest veal tenderloin, roasted over oak wood

Firefly squid – half for puree, half for sautéing

Pak choi flowers



Daikon jus

Daikon radish

Japanese leek

Shitake mushroom

Kudzu starch



Firefly squid puree

Sprinkle 3% salt of raw firefly squid and leave it for 3 hours. Drainoff any excess water from the squid and cook themsous vide in boiling water. Cool the bag in the iced water. Once cooled,take the squid out from sous vide bag, and chop it into rough puree.


Daikon jus

Saute daikon radish, Japanese leek, shiitake mushroom together until golden brown.Pour over the water and boil the mixtureuntil the daikon starts to fall apart.Blend it into puree and freeze it. Cover with cheesecloth and defrost it on perforated metal rack.Save theclear liquid that drips from the cheeseclothand then season. Thicken the texture with kudzu starch.


Milk-fed forest veal tenderloin

Roast the tenderloin until nicely cooked.Finish the meat on anopen fire of Binchotan charcoal andoak wood. Slice the meat as desired.


To serve

Plate firefly squid puree and then add Daikon jus. Plate sautéed park choi flower & shiitake mushroom. Place the cut tenderloin on the plate and then garnish with the remainingsautéed firefly squid. Finish with the raw chrysanthemum flowers.