Chocolate sauce (Spherification)

75gr cocoa powder

60gr sugar

40gr glucose

250ml water

60gr (40gr water+20gr sugar) syrup

1 gelatin sheet

QS: Mint essence


Chocolate foam

425gr milk

100gr cream

20gr honey

2pc egg yolk

35gr sugar

250gr dark chocolate

50gr jivara chocolate


Chocolate soil

100gr Butter

100gr Brown sugar

100gr Caster Sugar

100gr Almond powder

100gr Flour

50 to 100gr cocoa powder


Mint Sorbet

450gr water

250gr Caster Sugar

27gr glucose

4.5 gr Stab

150gr Mint leaves

75gr lemon juice

250gr milk

Qs Mint essence


Mint Gel

220gr Mint Puree

110gr Syrup

3gr Agar Agar

5gr Sugar



Chocolate sauce (Spherification)

Mix (1) together, boil 10 seconds àadd gelatin à cool down à add mint essence à freeze in half sphere mold à then glaze in Sosa Vegetable gelatin (50gr per Liter of Vanilla syrup) to set as a spherification.


Chocolate foam

Mix all together (apart from dark chocolate and jivara chocolate) then cook at 85 degrees (crème anglaise) then pour on the remaining chocolate. Fill a syphon gun and charge two times, keep in fridge.


Chocolate soil

Mix all together, keep on the fridge then grated it cook in oven at 155 degrees 12 minutes.


Mint Sorbet

Make syrup with water and sugar à at 50degrees add glucose and Stab à Boil. Mix on the side the lemon juice, mint leaves and grind it then add the syrup on the top à infuse 2 hours. Cool down then mix, add milk, strain. Put on paco bowl à keep on the fridge overnight.



Mint Gel

Bring puree and syrup to boil, and then add (2) agar and sugar mixed, boil again 10 seconds. Keep the chiller overnight, blend and pass through a sieve.


To serve

On the plate spread soil, mint gel and put into a chocolate sphere on the middle. Fill the sphere with chocolate espuma, gel and sorbet, crumble and close with a chocolate spherification. Present as desired.