Acai sorbet

500gpure acai

100gstock syrup

30glemon juice

100gpowdered glucose

7gsorbet stabilizer

Pinch of salt

Goats cheese

90gsoft goats cheese

15gdouble cream

10golive oil

Pinch of Maldon salt

Rapadura crumbs


40gap flour

5gcocoa powder

50gsoftned butter

Pinch of salt


Acai sorbet

Blend all ingredients on the thermomix, freeze on pacojet containers, spin before serving.

Goats cheese

Put all the ingredients on a pacojet beaker and process it just before serving.

Rapadura crumbs

Mix in a bowl the rapadura, flour and cocoa powder. Add the softened butter. Roll in cling film and refrigerate untilhard. Grate on a silpat mat and bake @110c for 1 hour. Allow maximum 150gr of grated rapadura per silpat, so it doesn’t get clumsy.

To serve

Put some rapadura crumbs on a chilled plate, and on top one scoop ofacai sorbet and one scoop of goats cheese.

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