Abalone Liver

Abalone liver

Soy sauce

White leak

Koutou Negi scallion

To serve

Abalone broth

Kinugoshi tofu

Peanut oil


Shallot flowers



Prepare a living abalone. Take out the abalone from the shell and remove the impurities from the surface. Boil the abalone in a stewing pan with kombu, kelp, sake and water. Skim the foam off the surface. Steam at 100C for 10 hours. Reserve the broth for serving.

Abalone Liver

Rub the abalone liver through a sieve. Add some of the soy sauce to the liver. Chop the white leak and scallion and mix with the liver and add more of the soy sauce. Heat the peanut oil in a pan over a medium heat and pour over the mixture.

To serve

Place the abalone in the cleaned abalone shell along with the tofu, abalone liver mixture, coriander and shallot flowers. Add some of the reserved abalone broth.

Note |In RyuGin Cuisine, the ingredients are different everyday. Depending on the characteristics of the product (size, aspect,… ) we use different quantities of salt or flavouring, or a different way of cutting in order to adjust the balance of the dish.

Consequently, the recipes don’t contain measurements.