Serves 4


200g loin of venison

20g of spruce needless (calendar of nature – week 22)

20ml bison grass flavoured oil

Maldon salt, to season

15g spruce needle juice

100g wild mushroom purée

0.5g xantana

50g topinambur purée

25 wood sorrel leaves


Mix maldon salt and spruce needles in thermomix for 15 seconds (do not blend into a fine powder). Store in a jar. Cut venison into thin slices. Pass each slice through a pasta machine, using a tagliolini cutter. Season with spruce salt and place on the plate. Drizzle with a little bison grass oil. Pour dots of topinmabur purée onto plate. Mix mushroom purée with xantana and spruce juice and add a few dots of the mixture to the plate. Arrange wood sorrel leaves and serve.

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Photography by Małgorzata Opala