Serves 4


Cornish cod

200g olive oil

1 x 1.5kg Cornish cod fillet (you can also use screi cod – Norweigan sustainable fish)

Slow cooked chicken oysters

500g vegetable oil

250g corn fed chicken oysters

35g Malden sea salt

2g thyme

2g fresh garlic, peeled

Quick chicken sauce

1 kg brown chicken stock

250g roasted chicken bones or chicken trimmings

100g olive oil

200g mixed vegetables (carrot, onion, celery and leek), chopped

4g peeled garlic

2g fresh rosemary

200g white wine

To garnish

8 new potatoes, cooked and sliced lengthways to sit your cod on

150g samphire – remove the bottom woody stem parts and then lightly steam until tender

200g baby spinach

30g unsalted butter


Cornish cod

To prepare the cod, trim and remove the belly and any bones – keep the waste in freezer to make stock at a later date. Cut the cod into 4 portions and roast in a saucepan in the olive oil.

Slow cooked chicken oysters

Marinade for 6 hours and then cook in chicken fat until tender. You can use vegetable oil. Cook in the oven at 90 degrees for 4 hours and then check.

Quick chicken sauce

Caramelise the vegetables in oil until golden brown and add herbs/aromates and white wine; reduce until dry. Add brown chicken stock, roasted chicken bones and bring to the boil. Remove any foam/impurities from the top of the stock and simmer for 60 minutes. Strain through a fine cloth and reduce in a saucepan till you have achieved a good flavour – it’s very important to taste the stock as it reduces. Season if required.

To garnish

Soften the butter in a saucepan and wilt the baby spinach until tender, gently squeeze in a sieve to remove excess water.

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