Serves 4


2 filets of duck from Challans

12 cherries

1 tbspred fruit vinegar


50gr salted butter

1tbsp golden sesame

1tbsp poppy seeds

3tbsppistachios, peeled

Pate sable

150g flour

60gfine semolina

1 egg

Salt and pepper

200g soft butter


1kg duck carcass

1 onion

1l stock

100g cherry jam

100g red fruit vinegar

1dl cherry juice

1dlguignolet liquor

Pepper and cherry chutney

180gburnt red peppers, julienne

90g onions

50g brown sugar

1 garlic clove

80g red fruit vinegar

20gr balsamic vinegar

400g pitted cherries

Crust paste

120gT 55 flour

3cl white wine

4cl pepper juice

Pepper crustades

40gfoie gras

50g diced duck thigh

80gminced duck liver

50g confit peppers, diced



Mélanger au robot coupe, plaquer entre deux feuilles de papier sulfurisé 3 mm, réserver au froid.

Pate sable

Mélanger la farine, la semoule, assaisonner, le beurre et l’oeuf au batteur sans trop travailler. Abaisser sur papier sulfurisé 3 à mm


Pound the carcasses and fry in butter until coloured, and add the onion. Add the stock and cook for an hour. Pass through a chinois.

Make a caramel with the jam and vinegar, and deglaze with the juice, add the reducedduck jus (by approximately half), and finish by adding the liquor and a bit of butter.

Pepper and cherry chutney

Heat the liquids and sugar, add the peppers, thinly sliced onions, add the cherries and jam. Keep heated.


Mix the ingredients together with an electric whisk.

Pepper crustades

Mix the ingredients together and season with salt and pepper.

To serve

Fry the duck fat side down until well coloured. Place the pistachio crust on the meat side. Fry the cherries in butter and sugar. Deglaze the vinegar with pistachios.