“This dessert was constructed around the Gorse flower ice cream. Icame up with it one day when I was walking back from the beach after picking some seaweed from the waters surrounding the island. Gorse is littered all over the island and as I was walking a gust of wind blew around me and filled my nose with a strange coconut like smell. Looking around in bemusement I realised the gust had passed through a Gorse bush. I tasted one of the flowers, knowing was edible as I had recently read a recipe for Gorse wine. The coconut flavour was really strong so I gathered as much as I could fit into my pockets.” Chef Stovold


Ice Cream

380g Gorse flowers, washed in vegetable disinfectant

12 egg yolks

200g sugar

1200g full fat milk

200g milk powder

White chocolate parfait

400g white chocolate

1kg semi whipped cream

12 egg yolks

200g water

240g caster sugar

Almond Milk

400g whole almonds

600g water


Ice cream

Infuse the flowers in the boiled milk for one hour, then blend and pass through a fine chinois. Warm the milk back up, and whisk together the yolks and sugar. Pour themilk onto yolk mix and cook in a clean pan until the anglais reaches 85°C. Pour through a chinois onto milk powder and whisk.

Freeze and churn.

White chocolate parfait

Melt the white chocolate over a bain marie, boil the sugar and water to 116°C. Meanwhile whip up the yolks until doubled in volume carefully drop sugar and water into yolks and continue to whip until the mixing bowl is cool on the bottom.

Fold the melted chocolate into the yolks and then fold the cream into the mix, being careful not to over mix. Set into moulds and freeze.

Burnt white chocolate

Lay white chocolate onto a baking tray with non stick mat, bake for 9 minutes on 170°C. Allow to cool and break up.

Almond Milk

Roast the almonds on 160°C for 10 minutes. Blend with thewater, and pass through a chinois.

To serve

Roll the parfait in the burnt white chocolate, scoop the ice cream onto aplate and arrange all elements around it, breaking extra chocolate on at the end.

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