Serves 6

Preparation time: 1h 20

Cooking time: 50 minutes

Cooling time: 1h 30


Crumble pastry

40g butter, taken out the fridge 30 minutes before use

50g brown sugar

50g T45 flour

A pinch of salt

Choux pastry

125g water

125g semi-skimmed milk

110g cold butter, chopped

5 eggs

140g flour

1tsp, rounded caster sugar

1tsp, flat fine salt

Praline cream

155g semi-skimmed milk

15g cornstarch

30g caster sugar

2 egg yolks

1 sheet of gelatin, dipped in water and pressed

80g praline spread

70g cold butter, chopped


Crumble pastry

Mix the flour, sugar and salt in a bowl and add the butter, beating until fully incorporated. Spread the paste between two sheets of paper, until approximately 2mm think. Place in the fridge. Cut eight discs out of the pastry, each 3cm in diameter.

Choux pastry

In a saucepan, mix the water, milk and butter. Bring to a simmer and add the sifted flour, salt and sugar in one go. Stir slowly and a loose pastry should form. Continue stirring on a medium heat for 1 minute in order to dry the pastry out. Put the pastry into a bowl and continue mixing while adding the eggs, one by one. You should have a pastry that is smooth and elastic. To ensure it is the correct consistency, make a mark of a few centimeters in the pastry and it should close up on itself. If the choux pastry is not wet enough, add a beaten egg in bit by bit until it has reached the correct consistency.

Using a soupspoon, on a greaseproof paper-lined oven tray make 8 balls of choux pastry, 4cm in diameter that make a circle of 16cm in diameter. The aim is for the balls to make a crown.

Place the eight crumble pastry discs previously made on top of the choux pastry balls. Put the crown in the oven at 170°C for 45 minutes. Once done, leave them to cool.

Praline cream

In a saucepan, bring the milk to a simmer and take it off immediately. In a bowl, whisk the egg yolks with the sugar, until the mixture is white and then add the cornstarch. Mix until fully incorporated and then add half the warm milk from the saucepan. With the other half, simmer for a minute without ceasing to whisk. When the cream is thick, remove it from the heat and add the sheet of gelatin, the praline spread and the cold butter. Mix thoroughly, until fully incorporated. Spread the mixture on a tray so that it can cool and cover with a piece of Clingfilm, making sure it is in contact with the cream. Place in the fridge for an hour. When it is cold, put the cream back in a bowl and beat for 3 minutes.

To serve

Once the crown of choux pastry is cool, slice it horizontally and put some praline cream in the center of each ball. Complete by putting its top back on the cream and sprinkling with icing sugar.

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