Serves 4


4 lobsters of 400 to 450g before cooked and shelled

20cl lobster bisque

1/4 bouquet marigold leaves

30g clarified lobster butter

Olive oil

16 marigold flowers

16 chickweed

1/2 pot of black garlic purée

4 star flowers

1tbsp garlic crisps

Lobster claw stuffing

Lobster claws, shelled

20g pickled onions

30g garlic purée

Salt and pepper

Onion top coulis

Tops of 4 new onions

Salt and pepper


4 artichokes, poivrades

1 lemon juice

5cl olive oil

50g aromatique garniture (carrot, onion, galic, diced celery)

5cl white wine

20cl white veal stock

Thyme, bay leaf

1/2 tsp instant coffee


1 garlic clove


20cl white vinegar

8 round radishes

4 new onions


Heat the bisque for a few minutes without boiling, and infuse the bouquet of marigold leaves. Drain.

Prepare the claws by cutting 12 slices of the best parts of the claw, and chopping the rest. Chop the onions and drain. Add the ingredients together in a pot, and add the garlic puree, mixing together until homogenous. Salt and pepper to taste.

Blanche the onion tops until tender, and put into ice water. Drain and add salt and pepper.

Put lemon on the artichokes, leaving them to sweat in olive oil and the aromatique garniture. Deglaze with white wine and add the stock. Add the thyme, bay lead, coriander and garlic, cover and cook over a low heat until the artichokes are tender. Leave them to coolin the cooking juice. Drain the juice, cut the artichokes into 3 or 4 quarters and set aside in the juice.

Bring the white vinegar to the boil and add the quartered radishes. Drain and leave to cool. Chop the onions in slices and add to the vinegar.Drain and leave to cool.

Fry the lobster tails in the clarified lobster butter, and cut into three.

To serve

Drain the artichokes and season with olive on and a bit of their cooking juices. Plate the lobster stuffing in a rectagle, and put the artichokes on top, with the onion slices, radishes, marigold flowers andchickweed. In the middle of the plate pour in a tablespoon of bisque and place the lobster medallion. Add the claw slices on the left side of the plate, adding the black garlic puree, the radish quarters, the flowers and the garlic crisps.

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