Serves 4

Preperation 2 hours


Beet Caramel

10 large red beets, peeled

1 tbsp honey

Pureed Peas

500 g (2 cups) peas

About 175 ml (¾ cup)

Vegetable stock


1 tbsp room temperature butter


250 g (1 cup) peas

250 g (1 cup) snow peas

8 garlic florets

500 ml (2 cups) canola oil (for frying)

Pigeon Supreme

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp butter

4 pigeon supremes

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Tub o’ Duck Fat

Field Berries with Smoked Fat

125 ml (½ cup) smoked duck fat

In season wild berries (red or black raspberries, blackcurrants, etc.)

Finishing Touches

A few daylily flowers


Beet Caramel

Extract the beet juice in a juiceextractor. Heat the juice and skimthe surface. Add the honey andreduce over medium heat untilthe mixture has the consistency ofmolasses.

Pureed Peas

In a pot filled with salted boilingwater, blanch the peas until tender.Cool in a bowl of ice water. In afood processor, purée with a bitof vegetable stock to obtain asmooth but firm purée. Salt andadd the butter. Cool on ice andpass through a sieve.


In a pot of salted boiling water,cook the peas and snow peasfor about 2 minutes, so that theyremain slightly crunchy. Coolin ice water and strain.

Cut the garlic florets in half lengthwise.In a fryer, heat the canolaoil to 200°C (400°F). Fry the floretsfor a few seconds, until they becomecrunchy. Pat dry with papertowels. Salt to taste and set aside.

Pigeon Supreme

In a pan over medium heat, lightlycolour the butter and oil. Salt andpepper the pigeon and place thesupremes skin down on the pan.Place a weight on top of the pigeonto ensure that it retains its shape
and cooks evenly. Sear over highheat until the skin is golden.

Immerse the pigeon in the Tub o’Duck Fat for three minutes. Coverwith aluminium foil and allow torest at room temperature for 6 minutesbefore serving.

Field Berries with Smoked Fat

Heat the smoked fat, add the fruitsand keep this mixture warm offthe heat.

Finishing Touches

Place the cooked peas and snowpeas in a sieve and immersethem quickly in boiling water towarm. Reheat the pea purée inthe microwave.

Place the pigeon, sliced in two,at the centre of each plate. Lightlycoat with smoked duck fat andbeet caramel. Alongside the meat,place a spoonful of pea purée anda medley of warm peas, fruits, daylily
flowers, and fried garlic florets.

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