Heading up the kitchen at Relais Chateaux hotel Le Saint James in Bordeaux is 1 Michelin star chef Nicolas Magie. Before he took up tenancy at Le Saint James, Nicolas worked in some of Frances most celebrated restaurants, including Miramar Biarritz and the Crillon in Paris, alongside chef Christian Constant.

Nicolas finds inspiration for his dishes from the spell-bindingly beautiful landscape of the Aquitaine area in south west France and the surplus daily markets that characterise the culinary region.

Below is Nicolas’ recipe for his Rack of Iberic pork Salsify & morel mushrooms & terre végétale dish served at Le Saint James’ restaurant which combines ingredients and flavours that are typical of rustic Basque cuisine.

Rack of IbericporkSalsify & morel mushrooms & terre végétale by Nicolas Magie


Serves 4

Carré de cochon ibérique

1 rack of Iberic pork (about 800g)

Salt and Espelette pepper


Bay Laurel


Olive oil



400g salsify

400g white poultry stock

Espelette pepper


Morel mushrooms

12 big fresh morel mushrooms

80g fillet of Iberic pork

40g light whipping cream

2 shallots

1 half bunch of chive



Espelette pepper


Terre végétale

175g flour

85g malt

50g hazelnut flour

25g dehydrated morel mushroom

75g brown ale

25g caster sugar

Pork juice

300g pork bone or trimming

2 onions

4 garlic cloves

1 carrot

10cl of white wine

1 lemon juice


Rack of pork

Brown the rack of pork, then add thyme and bay laurel, garlic and butter while basting regularly.

Finish the cooking process in the oven at 180°C. Check temperature. The core of the pork rack should be 62°C once cooked.


Peel the salsify, wash, then cut into small sticks of 8cm of length and cook them in the stock.

Reserve when cooked until lightly crunchy.

Morel mushrooms

Wash the mushrooms then put them aside.

Make a stuffing with the pork and the light whipping cream.

Cook the shallots in the butter and the chive until it begins to take colour. Then, mix into the stuffing mixture.

Season with salt and pepper then stuff the morel mushrooms.

Cooked the morels with butter then deglaze them with porto. Reserve.

Terre végétale

Add all the elements together in a baking dish and dehydrate them in an oven set to 180°C for three hours.

Once it has been dehydrated, mix it then put them in a bolter to obtain a light texture.

Pork juice

Brown the pork bones then add the aromatic dressing.

Deglaze with white wine.

Boil down to a syrupy consistence.

Adjust the seasoning to taste and deglaze with lemon juice.