Serves 4


400g of Cushion of veal of milk

2 lobsters of 500g

50g peeled peas

8 mini carrots

1 carrot

4 mini fennel


Exotic purslane

2 limes

Olive oil

Flower of salt

Espelette chilli

5cl white wine

1 onion

2 shallots



½ chive boot

50g mascarpone

2 eggs



Espelette chilli

Olive oil



Ask your butcher to finely slice the veal in carpaccio. Season them with green lime juice, olive oil and flower of salt.


Separate the tail and the head of the lobsters.

Cook the tails in a short broth; boil for 4 minutes, then cook the claws for 7 minutes. Peel while still hot. Slice the tails attractively, then polish them with olive oil. Place in refrigerator.

Peel and cook vegetables separately in the same short broth from the lobster, then freeze to keep the taste and the colour.Make colour carcasses and add onions, shallots and carrots thinly sliced. To deglaze, heat with 5cl of white wine with some water. Reduce and simmer with butter.


Chop the lobsters and add the chopped shallot, the chopped chive and the mascarpone. Season with Espelette chili and olive oil, and roll into balls. Place them in the freezer. Once frozen, roll them in the flour, dip them into beaten eggs and the bread-crumbs and fry. Place the warm ingredients on the carpaccio.