Serves 8


Red Tile

50 g of sugar

65 g of egg whites

Basil Mousse

200 g of milk

15 g of basil

1 g of asorbic acid

2 gelatine sheets

Lemon Vinegar Mousse

125 g water

80 g of syrup at 30°C

3 gelatine sheets

35 g of lemon vinegar

Lemon Sorbet

250 g of milk

250 g of water

200 g of sugar

250 g of lemon juice

3 gr of stabiliser

Cachou Meringue

150 g of icing sugar

75 g of egg whites

1 box of powdered cachou

Strawberry Jelly

250 g of strawberries

250 g of syrup

2 g of Ayar-Ayar


Red Tile

Mix all of the ingredients then spread over a 5x30cm tray. Cook at 180°C and wrap around a tube as soon as it is taken out of the oven.

Basil Mousse

Mix the milk, basic and ascorbic acid. Add the gelatine sheets and whisk by hand until it rises. Once it has risen, mould into small circles and put in the fridge.

Lemon Vinegar Mousse

Mix all ingredients and then hand whisk until risen.

Lemon Sorbet

Mix all the ingredients and then bring to the boil. Allow to cool down again and then fold.


Separate the strawberries into 3 parts. Dice the strawberries

Cachou Meringue

Spread the meringue and then shape into long, fine tube shapes, then dust with cachou. Dry at 80°C.

Gelée de fraise

Mix all the ingredients and bring to the boil. Pour onto a stainless steel tray.

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