Serves 4


1 piece mackerel, fillet and skinned

60g sugar

40g salt

300g fennel,finely chopped

200g onions,finely chopped

150g Granny Smith apples,finely chopped

100g sepia ink

1 lemon

1 pinch of salt

24 pieces sea asparagus, cut finely

4 piecesmini cucumber, cut in round slices

Bronze fennel to garnish

100g chives

2dl rape oil


Mix the sugar and salt and grave the mackerel with the mixture.After one hour wash themackerel, dry itand store in a refrigerator.

Roast the onion in olive oil until golden, add the fennel androast further. Add the apples,a pinch of salt andthesepia ink and cook softly, thenblend in thermo mix with the lemon.Pass through fine sieve.

Blend the chives with the rape oil and put into athermo mix at 50 degrees.Pass through a fine sieve and store in cool place.

Plate up and garnish with bronze fennel.

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