Serves 8 – 10 people


Rhubarb Purée

1kg Rhubarb (washed and chopped)
200g Caster sugar
50g grenadine


190g Good quality cream cheese

57g Caster sugar

75g Rhubarb purée

1 Whole egg

Poached Yorkshire rhubarb

150g sugar

250g Young thin rhubarb

100g water

30g Grenadine (optional)


400g unsalted butter

175g icing sugar

5g sea salt

100g Almonds (roasted and chopped)

500g flour


Rhubarb Purée

Dissolve the sugar, grenadine then add chopped rhubarb. Cook until soft and falling apart. Remove from the heat and strain, keeping the juice for later. Place into a food processor and blend until smooth. Allow to cool.


Mix all the ingredients together with a hand blender until smooth. Pour into a small oven proof dish lined with cling film. Place into a pre heated oven at 98° for 30 minutes. Remove from the dish and place into a bowl and blend until smooth. Once smooth pour into small moulds and freeze for 8 hours.

Poached Yorkshire rhubarb

Bring sugar, water and grenadine to a low simmer. Place prepared rhubarb into the above and slowly cook for about 8/10 minutes. Once cooked carefully remove from the pan and onto a plate to cool. Reduce the liquid until syrupy.


Beat butter, sugar and salt until light and creamy. Add almonds then lastly the flour. Leave to rest for 4hrs.

Roll out and cook at 160c for 7mins, may need an additional 2/3 mins. Allow to cool then place into a vac-pack pouch and brake into a crumb with a rolling pin.

To Serve

Remove cheesecake from moulds and serve with the poached rhubarb and sable. Pour a small amount of the syrup around the frozen cheesecake and serve.

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