8 oysters

24 pieces of diced pineapple

16 pieces of candied lemon peel

16 pieces of crystallised ginger

C/n ginger bread

C/n curry

C/n cumin

C/n sheet oyster


Apple sauce

100g of royal gala apple juice

1g of agar agar


Solid cava

1.6g of xanthan

400g of cava


Alginate bath

1 litre of water

5g alginate


Pearls of cava

Alginate bath (drawing above)

100 cava

4 gluco

1.6 xanthan



Apple sauce

Core the apples and then blend them, once cooled decantthe pulpfrom the juice, and add the agaragar. Boiland allow toset. When cool, grind to a fine puree.


Solid cava

Mix xanthan and sparkling cava with the solid cava and place in a soda aw2±2wsiphon, load it with 2bottles. Currently in the celler de can roca, through joint research with agusti torello, we have added 3g of xanthan gum per bottle, and at the time of the disgorging of cava, we let it stand 6 months. After this time the hydrated xanthan is added to the cava to make a sauce and keeps the natural carbon dioxide without the need to bring more gas.


Alginate bath

Blend the water along with the alginate in a food processor until well dissolved. Pass through a sieve and set aside for the pearls of cava.


Pearls of cava

Blend with a mixer with the gluco cava until it is well dissolved and then add the xanthan gum in same way. Remove the air at 100% in one machine empty and introduce a bottle. In a bowl place the alginate bath and pearls of cava. Clarify the pearls in water and refrigerate cava.


Assembling the dish

Put the applesauce in the base of the plate, then the oyster and above it the lemon confit, pineapple, crystallized ginger, curry, cumin and spices. At the time of serving add solid cava.