Verbena carrot puree

50g honey

300g carrot

30g butter

3g salt

200g cream

70g lemon verbena

Almond mousse

120g marzipan from Provence 80

2g bitter almond extract

10g pastis

2g lemon zest

40g trimoline

210g whipping cream

4g gelatine

110g whipped cream

Verbena sorbet

600g water

80g dextrose

40g sugar

3g stab

40g lemon juice

3g lemon zest

60g lemon verbena


80g almond powder

20g blue poppy seeds

20g pignon

40g hazelnut powder

2g salt

110g flour

100g brown sugar

130g butter


Verbena carrot purée

Cook the carrot,butter andhoney in a pan, and add the hot whipping cream infused with the verbena. Cook slowly. Bind the purée with the butter and salt.

Almond mousse

Heat the marzipan,almond extract,whipping cream, trimoline and vanilla at 65°C, and add the gelatin.Mixall together and reduce thetemperatureto 32° and add the whipped cream.

Verbena sorbet

Heat the water to 45°C, add the dextrose with the sugar and the stab and bring to the boil. Cool down and add the lemon and the fresh verbena. Churn 3 time in the pacojet before using it.


Mix all the ingredients together and cook in the oven for 12 minutesat 165°C.

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