Coconut meringue

100g egg white

150g sugar

60g desiccated coconut

Passion mango mousse

70gpassion fruit

250g mango puree

100g icing sugar

250g Greek yogurt

8g gelatin

400g whipped cream

Cranberries coulis

200g cranberries

100g grenadine

80g sugar


1000g water

80g trimoline

500g sugar

75g glucose

12g stab

500g pine apple puree

300g mango puree

1000g banana puree

200g passion fruit

1000g orange juice

10g lime juice


500g pineapple

500g mango

160g passionfruit

1 vanilla pod

10g gelatine


Coconut meringue

Make a french meringue, cook it at 70ºCand coat it withdesiccatedcoconut.

Passion mango mousse

Heat all the puree with the icing at 60c, add the gelatin, cool down and add the yogurt . finish with the whipped cream.

Cranberries coulis

Heat all the ingredients together in the bain-marie, mix and pass through a chinois.


Heat the water to45ºC, add the sugar with the stab and the atomized glucose, bring to boil and pour in to the fruits purees. leave in the fridge for 24hrs and use.


Melt the gelatin in a small amount of the mango puree and the vanilla, then blend all together.

Prepare a fresh mango and dragon fruit brunoise with lime zest, and serve as in the image.

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