Serves 4



One piece of saddle lamb

Two pieces of black garlic

20g of buckwheat seeds

10cl of lamb stock

1 lemon

A mix of herbs and flowers including chive flower, garlic flowers

A good quality olive oil

Salt and pepper


2 pieces of aubergine

One clove of garlic

One spoon of honey

Two spoons of Sherry vinegar

200g of lamb sweetbread

20g of Roquefort

10 pieces of snowpeas julienne

4 Leaves of wild garlic

Salt and pepper

Grilled rack of lamb

4 pieces of rack of lamb

50 g of Putarga

1 lemon zest

4 baby leak

20g of black olive puree

20cl of lamb juice

Good olive oil




Peel the garlic and mix the cloves with the lamb juice.Roast the lamb saddle with olive oil seasoning with salt and pepper.Clean the herbs and the flowers, dry it and season it with lemon juice and olive oil. Toast the buckwheat seeds.And plate up.


Slice 4 fine slices of aubergine.Panfry the aubergines with garlic.Add the sherry vinegar and the honey, cook gently and blend. Peel and roast the sweetbread.Mix the sweetbread and the aubergine puree.Stuff the aubergine slices with the mix.Bake for 4 minutes. Plate up with dices of roquefort, snowpeas julienne and a leaf of wild garlic.

Grilled rack of lamb

Grill the lamb chop. Blanch the baby leak and season it with lemon skin, black olive puree and thin slices of putarga. Put the leak on the plate, add the rack of lamb, finish with good olive oil and the lamb juice. Add salt and pepper.

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